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Terms & Conditions

1. AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR RENTER AND DRIVER: The minimum age limit for credit card holders is 21 years of age and for non card holders 23. For grpoups L1,J,K,F,N,G,G1 and G+ 25 years

2. DRIVING LICENCE: The driver should hold a valid license issued during the previous year minimum additionally.

a) Full payment to be made when you collect the vehicle
b) For groups A,B,C,C+ a deposit of €800,00. F or groups D,D+, C1 . €900,00. For groups E,D1 €1000,00. For groups  N,G,G1,G+ €1200,00. For car groups K,F, J ,L1 €1500,00 is required for non credit card holders. Holders of credit cards accepted by Xenios are exempted from this deposit.

4. MINIMUM RENTAL DURATION: One day (24 hours).

5. INSURANCE: Rental rates include the following forms of coverage: 
    a) death or bodily harm to third parties and passengers in the rented car except driver up to €500.000,00 per accident, 
    b) material damage to third parties (excluding Xenios vehicles) up to €100.000,00, 
    c) Theft waiver (TDP) : the rented car against theft with a maximum excess of €600
    d) Driver personal acident insurance (PAI): covers the driver for death, permanent total or partial disability by traffic accident for up to €15.000 euro 
    e) Collition damage waiver (CDW) : cοvers damages to the rental car, however if you are responsible for an accident or damage to the rental car the following maximum excess payments are applicable:800 Euro for car groups A ,B,C and C +. 900Euro for car groups C1, D,D+. 1000 Euro for car group E, D1. 1200Euro for car groups N,G . 1500 Euro for car groups K,F, L1 .

6. Note: None of the above insurances covers

  • when transporting the vehicle by ferry
  • if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • for damages caused by driving on unpaved roads
  • for damage on the bottom part, wheels, hubcaps, tires, mirrors, antenna, glass and interior
  • for loss of personal belongings
  • for accidents caused by a driver not declared in the lease contract
  • for loss or damage of the vehicle key
  • for loss or destruction of Navi GPS device, child seats, snow chains or other additional equipment

7. Extras & extra insurances

  1. Fdw: You may avoid this excess with 6 euro per day with a maximum charge of 80 euro

  2. Damages to tyres mirrrors: windscreens and breakage of windows.You may avoid p aying a daily amound of.....2 euro/day with a maximum charge of 30 euro/day

  3. Tw excess cover You way avoid tw excess by paing a dayly amount of 3 euro/day . with a maximum charge of 40 euros

  4. Insurance by transporting the vehicle by ferry. with an extra charge of 10 euro per way

  5. Additional driver charge : with an extra cost of 2 euro maximum charge of 30 euro

  6. Gasoline: Payable by the renter.

  7. Roof rack: Available upon request. Charge: €6,00 per day, with maximum charge of 80 euro

  8. Baby seat : Available upon request with an extra cost of 5 euro/day,with a maximum charge of 50 euro.

  9. Wheel chains : Available upon request. Charge: €5,00 per day and maximum charge of 50 euro

8. TYPES OF CAR: Xenios SA reserves the right to change the type of car with another type with the same cc.

a) At all Xenios stations and all hotels on thassos island f ree of charge,
b) Within 20 klm range: Free of charge. Deliveries/Collections everywhere on Thassos island free. of charge.
c) Elsewhere: €0.50 +VAT per km for all groups (minimum charge €15,00+ VAT ),
d) Charge for delivery or collection outside office hours (21:00 - 07:00): € 30 ,00.+ VAT

10. RENT IT HERE LEAVE IT THERE (ONE WAY) Valid in Thassos between Limenas-Potos-Skala Potamia for at least 5 days minimum rental, it is applicable for less than 5 days rental with an extra charge of 0,50euro/km for all car groups It is also applicable without any extra charge for at least 14 days minimum rental period between Thessaloniki Thassos -Kavala and Alexandroupolis .stations Other wise it is applicable with an extra charge as follows:

  • Kavala-Thessaloniki 80 euro

  • Thassos-Thessaloniki 100 euro

  • Thassos-Kavala 30 euro

  • Thassos-Alexandroupoli 70 euro

  • Alexandroupoli-Thessaloniki 140 euro

  • Alexandroupoli-Kavala 35 euro

11. NATIONAL ONE - WAY RENTALS: Not supported.

12. TAXES : 24% V.A.T. for all Xenios stations.


14. TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS: The renter assumes full responsibility for traffic violations and pays the respective fines. In case that the renter will not pay the fine, Xenios will charge the fine cost plus administrative expenses.

15. LIMITATIONS :The cars are not allowed to be used for: Driving outside the Greek borders, driving off-road, carrying heavy objects or bad use in general. Vehicles returned in bad condition and with extremely dirty interior (e.g food stains, coffee, etc.) will be charged for special cleaning with cost up to 150€.

16. ADMINISTATIVE EXPENCES : In case of an accident, there is a non-refundable fee of 70 .00€ in order to cover the administrative expenses.

17. ROAD ASSISTANCE: ELPA - 24 hours a day (Tel.: 10400).

18. TERMS AND RATES : Subject to change without prior notice. Rates in force on commencement of rental will apply as approved by the Greek National Tourist Organization (E.O.T.).